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Richard Orlinski has been the biggest selling contemporary French artist in the world since 2015. He began his artistic career in 2004 and created his first work, a bright red resin crocodile, which soon became an iconic piece in the sculptor’s bestiary.


The artist took inspiration from pop culture, everyday objects and popular things. Richard Orlinski soon developed new sculptures, often of animals, symbolising freedom, power and passion. The result: electrifying works of art, in pop colours and a faceted style, that would be seen worldwide.
Exhibiting his works, often of spectacular dimensions, in unusual places and the great outdoors soon became his signature.

Driven by the desire to democratise art by making it accessible to the masses, Richard Orlinski takes an interest in all means of expression and his art knows no boundaries. He was made an Officer for the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin in 2021.
With more than 7 Million followers on Instagram, Richard Orlinski has brought together a very engaged community of art lovers and enthusiasts. This is undeniably a great source of inspiration for the artist, who gives 100% to every one of his projects. “I deeply believe in the power of art (…) Often people do not dare to push the door of a gallery or a museum, so I make sure that the museum comes to them!”


Richard orlinski fascinated the world with his exceptional art pieces. As he reached a huge fan base of art enthusiasts from all over the world. Over the years he has launched numerous private and exclusive art spaces, galleries, exhibitions and public spaces in key locations around the world, Including Europe and North America. Therefore, we made sure that this unique artistic community would be a meeting point for those passionate about pop culture and sculpture arts in the Middle East. We chose Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The city of ambition, arts and the future to welcome its visitors from the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world to the first Richard Orlinsky art gallery in the Middle East.

We chose our location to be in the most luxurious destination, which embraces the most important international luxury brands in the heart of the city. Via Riyadh, Inspired by the unique Salmani architecture and urban style with the fascinating facades of its buildings designed in a way that reflects the authenticity of the Saudi national identity, was the ideal location to have the gallery, as it’s a prime spot where the display of the exceptional artwork of this contemporary French artist will adorn the place. The prestigious destination offers its visitors the finest diverse and different experiences to suit their refined taste.

Together we celebrate the arts in "Via Riyadh"


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2941 VIA Riyadh, Makkah Branch Road, Al Hada, Riyadh 12912

Phone: 00966556640424


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